SBA SBA Translations English Turkish Dutch GermanTranslations offers a wide range of translation services in English, German, Turkish and Dutch.

Our strength is that we consider the integrity of the whole text in terms of conformity with the general idea, cultural differences and lingual nuances. We are proud to claim to be the right address especially for those who are looking for the combination of “understanding the business” and “translating the texts fast and accurately”.


SBA Translations'  services include:

  • Document and official paper translations of any kind
  • Verbal translations-Interpreting
  • Website translations
  • Technical, academical, medical, commercial and literary translations
  • Advertisement, product catalogue, prospect, flyer and business card translations
  • Email translations
  • Newsletter translations
  • Subtitling
  • CV translations
  • Book translations

Translations between following languages are possible:
Dutch -Turkish - German - English